Non-Medical Caregivers Provide Multi-Generational Help for Mom or Dad

Non-medical caregivers are bringing back the extended family in urban America.

non-medical caregiversIn other cultures, such as Japan, many elderly parents still live with their children. It used to be this way in America. Remember the TV program The Waltons? The entire extended family worked a plot of land together and all lived in a large farm house. Some of you may even remember living with grandparents as part of the family or have shared experiences with relatives or friends who still live this way.
As urban areas and suburbs developed, the small farm and family business landscape was replaced with single family homes, condos, apartments and generally smaller homes.  With the husband and wife in many families both working full time jobs, there isn’t someone at home to help an elderly parent with daily tasks, meals, shopping, appointments and errands.

Reliable at home care providers can help when adult children, siblings, aunts, uncles and relatives are not consistently available to help provide in home care.

Thanks to non-medical caregivers this type of lifestyle is seeing a comeback in a unique way.

If your elderly parent needs a trusted helping hand consider non-medical home care centers in Mendota Heights for providing senior services to help take care of Mom or Dad in the comfort and familiar environment of your own home.

non-medical caregiversMost families don’t live in a house or have a situation where multi-generational living on a large scale can work. This is where part time non-medical senior care assistance can really help your family.

The focus of non-medical in home care around Mendota Heights is to provide safe and affordable assistance with activities such as meal preparation, cooking breakfast, and medication reminders. On a cold day Mom or Dad just need that extra helping hand to get them going on their routine and this where the convenience of non-medical care can really shine. A reputable non-medical caregiving company can help meet the needs of most seniors with daily living tasks.

If your living space accommodates Mom or Dad, then many times all you need is the extended family style of assistance that these types of services can provide. Knowing you have someone you can trust to come into your home and help Mom or Dad to enjoy life in the safety and comfort of home is a great relief.

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