Mother’s Day, Take Care of Your Mom

Mother’s Day is a Special Day for CAREGivers!

The rush of emotions flows in every direction on Mother’s Day for many Home Instead CAREGivers®, their clients and their families.

Oftentimes, there’s a mom taking care of a mom, grandmother or even great-grandmother on the special Sunday that was first celebrated in the United States in 1907 by Anna Jarvis, who then campaigned to make it an official holiday.

An award-winning CAREGiver, the mother of four children who is from West Texas, had some pithy Mother’s Day observations: “Personally,” the CAREGiver said, “if I’m going to get anything on Mother’s Day, I prefer something small and meaningful. The cards my children made for me are the best gifts ever! So with that in mind, I think acknowledging the fact that my client is a wonderful mother with something small and meaningful on Mother’s Day is perfect.” Home Care for Mom: Mendota Heights, MN

“I want her to know that it is apparent by the love her children and grandchildren have for her that she is a fabulous mom and grandmother. A handwritten card and simply flowers I’m sure will put a smile on her face. And that is what the day should be about – happiness and the joy of being a mom!”

The 34-year-old CAREGiver, who may not have to work on Mother’s Day because her client’s adult children live within a reasonable driving distance of their widowed mom, added: “As a mom, I do like to be acknowledged for being a mom. I’m sure most moms take a lot of pride in their job as a mom no matter how old their children get.”

Another mom, who also is an award-winning CAREGiver in the Mendota Heights area, has scheduled Mother’s Day as a vacation day because her client’s adult children will take charge that day. But the CAREGiver may be using her Mother’s Day as a rest day because of all the activities in which she’ll participate with her client on the Saturday before the holiday.

“On that day before,” the CAREGiver said, “I’ll help with a Mother’s Day party that honors my client as her family gathers. We could have as many as 40 people, and we’ll do it up right and meet at a restaurant and do a lot of other things.”

The CAREGiver added: “Then the family will all turn around and come back again and honor her eight days later for her 89th birthday, and I will be a part of that as well. We may get some square dancing in somewhere among all of this because that’s what she loved to do before she suffered a major stroke and was confined to a wheelchair three years ago.”

Mother’s Day also can be the source of emotional pain. One CAREGiver pointed out that one of her client’s adult children passed away not long ago. So compassion and tissues will be available in abundant supply. Another client, whose memory comes and goes because of a stroke, often calls out and searches for her deceased husband. Taking Care of Mom: Mendota Heights, MN

Of course, all the emotions that spring forth from Mother’s Day don’t affect just women.

A CAREGiver of the Month for a franchise in the Mendota Heights area, has a widower as a client and provides emotional support when he tries to resurrect memories of his wife. “The client knows she is gone,” the CAREGiver said, “but he talks about her and misses her. He asks me, ‘Do you remember her?’ How could I forget? I was with him, his dear wife and their family when she passed. I let him talk it out, and he seems to feel better.”

If you are a mother or grandmother, we hope your day is special.

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