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Experienced Home Care services to help your aging parent.

In-Home Senior Care Jobs for Caregivers

Taking Applications for in-home Senior Care Jobs near Mendota Heights

At Home Instead Senior Care of Mendota Heights we cultivate a compassionate, caring connection between seniors, their families and our CAREGiversSM. Being a CAREGiver is an inspiring job that helps bring joy to seniors, relief to families and a smile to yourself for helping others – and you get paid. Working together is our goal at Home Instead.

Help us in our mission to enhance the lives of aging adults and their families by joining our team. No Experience required to become a Home Instead Senior CAREGiver. We will provide initial and ongoing training to all our employees. We have a variety of shifts available with competitive pay and benefits.

Being a Home Instead CAREGiver of Mendota Heights: Home Care for Mom: Mendota Heights, MN

  • Companionship and conversation
  • Light housekeeping tasks and meal preparation
  • Medication and appointment reminders, Transportation
  • Assistance with grooming and bathing
  • Assistance with toileting and incontinence issues
  • Alzheimers Care, Dementia Care

Requirements, Benefits and Pay – Mendota Heights CAREGiver:

  • Ability to treat and care for seniors and their property with dignity and respect
  • Ability to communicate with clients and family members in a friendly and congenial manner
  • Complete a criminal background check, DMV check and drug screen
  • Possess a valid drivers license and valid auto insurance
  • Must be at least 21 years or older

Home Care for Mom: Mendota Heights, MN
Our senior home care job training of Mendota Heights includes:

  • Basic and advanced caregiving techniques
  • Senior safety
  • Building Relationships
  • Activities and social engagement

We strive to enable you with all the skills required to deliver excellent service. This well-rounded training program helps you build your career on a solid foundation.
Thank you for your interest in joining the Home Instead Senior Care team. For more information, contact Home Instead Senior Care St. Paul, Southern Suburbs at (651) 747-8722 or ask us a question about Home Instead Senior Care serving Mendota Heights, MN.

Tackling the summer sun

The summer is the perfect time for going out with friends, cooking out at the beach, and spending time with family. However, with age comes new obstacles. The summer heat can be a major obstacle many seniors face, yet are unaware of. A beautiful clear sky on a sunny afternoon in [CITY] should never be the reason one must stay indoors. Our team here at Home Instead Senior Care knows the dangers that seniors face, and that is why we have made it our mission to provide numerous ways to help prevent them.

Home Instead Summer Heat Article

One major reason why seniors fall victim to the summer heat is because the effects are neither instant nor easily recognizable. Due to the decreased ability for the body to cool down in extreme temperatures, the risk is much higher for a heat stroke and even kidney failure. In cities along the coast, humidity is exponentially greater than that of surrounding states. This poses an even greater threat for dehydration and overheating for seniors.

Heat-related illnesses cause nearly 700 deaths in the U.S. Out of that 700, the concentration is primarily individuals above the age of 65. Though this all may seem a bit overwhelming, there are numerous ways to beat the summer heat that are quick and easy!

Tips & Activities that can help seniors maintain and improve their physical health:

“Home Instead Senior Care advised my Papa and Nana to take their walks together early in the morning for sunrise, and save their gardening for the late afternoon to avoid the heat. Nana can’t stand the scorching temperatures in the middle of the day during the summer!”

-Grandson Elijah from Tampa, Florida.



HISC Holiday Gifts

Top 10 Gift Ideas for Seniors

Christmas, New Year’s, Valentines Day, Birthdays – What do you get for someone who has everything? Or wants nothing? That’s often the dilemma during the holidays with older adults.

Truthfully, seniors can seem content with very little, which could make holiday gift-giving a challenge. You can shop locally in [CITY] or online as well.

Here are some ideas that may surprise, and please, the older adult on your list:

1. A collection of herbal teas. Teas can be festive and soothing, particularly during the winter months. Why not collect a variety of types of herbal teas, wrap them in red cellophane, place them in a festive basket and tie them with a bow or ribbon.

2. A night light. Falls are among the biggest risks that seniors face. That’s why night lights can be the perfect gift. Even if an older loved one already has a night light, he or she can’t have too many! Offer to place them in bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.

3. Large print playing cards, puzzles or books. Older adults can still enjoy doing many of the things they’ve always loved if they’re easier to see. Check out your favorite discount store or order online for large-print gifts.

4. Flashlight. Consider what a lifesaver a flashlight could be if the lights go out at your senior’s home. Or think how a flashlight could be a safety benefit on his or her night stand.

5. Homemade treats. Homemade goodies can take older adults back to their own holiday gatherings. Make sure you’re baking something sugar free if your senior is diabetic.

6. New socks. Let’s face it – everyone needs new socks. Just for the occasion, pick out a festive holiday pair that will make your older loved one smile.

7. Photo album. Maybe you’ve had a wedding in the family this year. Or perhaps there’s been the birth of a baby or another special occasion. Could be you’ve been going through old boxes and have run across a variety of old family photos. What a special gift to present to your senior loved one this holiday season.

8. Restaurant gift cards. Most older adults, if they can, love eating out! Why not give a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.

9. Lotion. What better treat for any older adult – man or woman – than to give a good quality lotion. Dry skin can be a problem year round, so a nice lotion is a gift that will remain popular with your senior year-round.

10. Companionship. Sometimes the best thing you can give an older adult is the gift of your time. Seniors – particularly those who can no longer get out – yearn for visitors and the opportunity to hear what’s going on in your life and share memories of the past.

Many other gift ideas could delight your older adult, along with the additional companionship of a Home Instead CAREGiverSM.
Contact your local Home Instead Senior Care® office today to learn how a CAREGiver could help your senior loved one.
CAREGivers not only provide companionship, they can help around the house, or accompany older adults on their favorite outings, during the holidays and throughout the year!

Mother’s Day, Take Care of Your Mom

Mother’s Day is a Special Day for CAREGivers!

The rush of emotions flows in every direction on Mother’s Day for many Home Instead CAREGivers®, their clients and their families.

Oftentimes, there’s a mom taking care of a mom, grandmother or even great-grandmother on the special Sunday that was first celebrated in the United States in 1907 by Anna Jarvis, who then campaigned to make it an official holiday.

An award-winning CAREGiver, the mother of four children who is from West Texas, had some pithy Mother’s Day observations: “Personally,” the CAREGiver said, “if I’m going to get anything on Mother’s Day, I prefer something small and meaningful. The cards my children made for me are the best gifts ever! So with that in mind, I think acknowledging the fact that my client is a wonderful mother with something small and meaningful on Mother’s Day is perfect.” Home Care for Mom: Mendota Heights, MN

“I want her to know that it is apparent by the love her children and grandchildren have for her that she is a fabulous mom and grandmother. A handwritten card and simply flowers I’m sure will put a smile on her face. And that is what the day should be about – happiness and the joy of being a mom!”

The 34-year-old CAREGiver, who may not have to work on Mother’s Day because her client’s adult children live within a reasonable driving distance of their widowed mom, added: “As a mom, I do like to be acknowledged for being a mom. I’m sure most moms take a lot of pride in their job as a mom no matter how old their children get.”

Another mom, who also is an award-winning CAREGiver in the Mendota Heights area, has scheduled Mother’s Day as a vacation day because her client’s adult children will take charge that day. But the CAREGiver may be using her Mother’s Day as a rest day because of all the activities in which she’ll participate with her client on the Saturday before the holiday.

“On that day before,” the CAREGiver said, “I’ll help with a Mother’s Day party that honors my client as her family gathers. We could have as many as 40 people, and we’ll do it up right and meet at a restaurant and do a lot of other things.”

The CAREGiver added: “Then the family will all turn around and come back again and honor her eight days later for her 89th birthday, and I will be a part of that as well. We may get some square dancing in somewhere among all of this because that’s what she loved to do before she suffered a major stroke and was confined to a wheelchair three years ago.”

Mother’s Day also can be the source of emotional pain. One CAREGiver pointed out that one of her client’s adult children passed away not long ago. So compassion and tissues will be available in abundant supply. Another client, whose memory comes and goes because of a stroke, often calls out and searches for her deceased husband. Taking Care of Mom: Mendota Heights, MN

Of course, all the emotions that spring forth from Mother’s Day don’t affect just women.

A CAREGiver of the Month for a franchise in the Mendota Heights area, has a widower as a client and provides emotional support when he tries to resurrect memories of his wife. “The client knows she is gone,” the CAREGiver said, “but he talks about her and misses her. He asks me, ‘Do you remember her?’ How could I forget? I was with him, his dear wife and their family when she passed. I let him talk it out, and he seems to feel better.”

If you are a mother or grandmother, we hope your day is special.

For more information, contact Home Instead Senior Care St. Paul, Southern Suburbs at (651) 747-8722 or Ask us a question about Senior Home Care.

Non-Medical Home Health Care Services for Elderly in Need of Care

It’s no secret that seniors are most comfortable and thrive when they can safely remain in their homes. Non-medical home health care services often can help keep many seniors out of assisted living and nursing communities, sometimes saving seniors and their families thousands of dollars.

Mendota Heights Home Instead Senior Care® has the highest of standards for non-medical home health care in which dedicated CAREGiversSM embrace the challenge of providing the kind of care and companionship that helps enrich seniors’ lives. Non-medical, home health care

The peace of mind in knowing that Mom or Dad is safe and receiving non-medical home health care can make all the difference for their families. It is important to have realistic expectations for what services can be safely provided. We will discuss all options with you and your family to determine the best solution for your loved one and map a consistent strategy for non-medical home health care services.

Many people are surprised to learn that for a comparable price, they are able to receive home care services for what some emergency medical service providers charge for a monitoring or alert system.

Services of a superior non-medical home health care provider:

• Medication reminders
• Hospital post-discharge home care
• Transportation for appointments, other outings
• Grocery shopping, meal preparation, errands
• Household management, light housekeeping
• Dementia and Alzheimer’s care
• Respite care
• Companionship and socialization

When are non-medical home health care services right for your family?

Our Mendota Heights Home Instead Senior Care® office can help with non-medical home care services such as meal preparation, shopping, transportation, companionship and medication reminders. These are many of the tasks that you probably are having trouble fitting into your schedule. What’s even better is that Home Instead CAREGivers are often seniors who can relate to the interests and lifestyles of your loved ones.

When a senior loved one has dementia, the familiarity of home and the same set of CAREGivers can be a much better environment than having Mom or Dad try to navigate a nursing home or assisted living facility.  CAREGivers are trained in the Home Instead network’s groundbreaking Alzheimer’s Disease or Other Dementias CARE: Changing Aging Through Research and Education® Program to work with seniors who suffer from these conditions. This world-class curriculum is also available free to family caregivers online or through many local Home Instead Senior Care offices.

Non-medical and medical home health care often work hand-in-hand. A strategy, determined by the care team, family and senior loved one, includes a set schedule and task management to help provide a more enjoyable and much safer home environment.

Non-medical home health care services offered by Home Instead vary by location and staff. CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured.  Depending on the franchise, they can be hired for as little as a few hours a day and up to 24/7. At Home Instead of Mendota Heights, it’s relationship before task, while continuing to provide superior quality non-medical home care services that enhance the lives of seniors.

Please inquire to find out more about non-medical at-home CAREGivers available in MN. Let Home Instead Senior Care St. Paul, Southern Suburbs help your family, call for a complimentary consultation: (651) 747-8722.

Non-Medical Caregivers Provide Multi-Generational Help for Mom or Dad

Non-medical caregivers are bringing back the extended family in urban America.

non-medical caregiversIn other cultures, such as Japan, many elderly parents still live with their children. It used to be this way in America. Remember the TV program The Waltons? The entire extended family worked a plot of land together and all lived in a large farm house. Some of you may even remember living with grandparents as part of the family or have shared experiences with relatives or friends who still live this way.
As urban areas and suburbs developed, the small farm and family business landscape was replaced with single family homes, condos, apartments and generally smaller homes.  With the husband and wife in many families both working full time jobs, there isn’t someone at home to help an elderly parent with daily tasks, meals, shopping, appointments and errands.

Reliable at home care providers can help when adult children, siblings, aunts, uncles and relatives are not consistently available to help provide in home care.

Thanks to non-medical caregivers this type of lifestyle is seeing a comeback in a unique way.

If your elderly parent needs a trusted helping hand consider non-medical home care centers in Mendota Heights for providing senior services to help take care of Mom or Dad in the comfort and familiar environment of your own home.

non-medical caregiversMost families don’t live in a house or have a situation where multi-generational living on a large scale can work. This is where part time non-medical senior care assistance can really help your family.

The focus of non-medical in home care around Mendota Heights is to provide safe and affordable assistance with activities such as meal preparation, cooking breakfast, and medication reminders. On a cold day Mom or Dad just need that extra helping hand to get them going on their routine and this where the convenience of non-medical care can really shine. A reputable non-medical caregiving company can help meet the needs of most seniors with daily living tasks.

If your living space accommodates Mom or Dad, then many times all you need is the extended family style of assistance that these types of services can provide. Knowing you have someone you can trust to come into your home and help Mom or Dad to enjoy life in the safety and comfort of home is a great relief.

Please inquire to find out more about non-medical at home caregivers available in MN. Let Home Instead Senior Care St. Paul, Southern Suburbs help your family, call for a complimentary consultation: (651) 747-8722

Companionship for Seniors – Fall Season Tips

Home Instead Senior Care St. Paul, Southern Suburbs recommends fall season tips to enjoy outdoor time with seniors.

Here are some senior care companionship ideas that many people find simply delightful about the fall season.
Autumn is a special time of year with many colorful opportunities to get out and enjoy natures bounty. From a walk in the park, or even sitting by a lake that reflects the trees in all their glory.

Companionship for Seniors – Fall Season Tips – Enjoy the outdoors

The weather is cooler but you should still take care to bring plenty of water and snacks, as well as suitable clothing and backups of clothes and supplies in case of a rapid weather change.

If the person you care for is unable to travel far consider doing an activity together that can help them remember positive memories from the past. This might be as simple as listening to music, or baking a pumpkin pie. If possible, open as many windows and doors in the house, so you can enjoy a refreshing cool breeze.

bake a pumpkin pie with a senior

When making snacking decisions try to balance in tasty treats in smaller portions along with important fruits and vegetables only available this time of year. Beyond Pumpkin Pie a quick Google search will reveal many pumpkin based treats that are easy to make from cookies, to coffee or even ice cream. In addition squash, casseroles or chili for cooler evenings are easy to prepare and enjoy together.

See if you can find a pumpkin patch or orchard around Mendota Heights for a quality outing. When it comes to crafts, fall could very well be the best time of all! Everything from sewing, quilting, knitting and more are perfect fall activities. Leaf collecting or bird watching are at peak of season as well.

Few places beyond a view of a lake or stream present better opportunities to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of nature around Mendota Heights. If your loved one needs companionship in their home, please contact us for a consultation to see how our care team can help.

Enjoy life

We hope these ideas help inspire you to enjoy the many happy opportunities that fall presents a CAREgiver and the special seniors in their lives – ENJOY!

Let Home Instead Senior Care St. Paul, Southern Suburbs help your family, call for a complimentary consultation: (651) 747-8722

Respite Care Help

Respite Care The role you’ve taken as a family caregiver is an important one. Your loved one and other family members depend on you.
As the primary caregiver, not only do you deserve an occasional break, but also it’s really necessary so you can recharge your physical, spiritual and emotional batteries. It’s critical that you take the time to care for yourself — and Home Instead of Mendota Heights would love to help you and your loved one.

Respite Care Mendota Heights, MN: Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Home Instead Senior Care® of Mendota Heights can provide respite care daily, weekly or as needed. We are happy to arrange care for just a few hours, overnight or 24-hour care while you’re away.

Visit our seniors home care main website: Seniors Home Care Mendota Heights, MN

Senior Home Care Services

Seniors Home Care Help

Home Instead Senior Care® of Mendota Heights allows seniors to remain safely in the comfort of their home, as well as to support the family and friends who love them.
With relationship expertise and family experience, we address your concerns and provide the non-medical services your senior needs, including assistance with groceries, errands, and household chores, companionship while you’re at work, and simple reminders to take medications.

There’s No Place Like Your Home.

Our compassionate CAREGiversSM enable you to enjoy your time with your loved one and provide peace of mind when you’re away.

Visit our seniors home care main website: Seniors Home Care Mendota Heights, MN