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Tackling the summer sun

The summer is the perfect time for going out with friends, cooking out at the beach, and spending time with family. However, with age comes new obstacles. The summer heat can be a major obstacle many seniors face, yet are unaware of. A beautiful clear sky on a sunny afternoon in [CITY] should never be the reason one must stay indoors. Our team here at Home Instead Senior Care knows the dangers that seniors face, and that is why we have made it our mission to provide numerous ways to help prevent them.

Home Instead Summer Heat Article

One major reason why seniors fall victim to the summer heat is because the effects are neither instant nor easily recognizable. Due to the decreased ability for the body to cool down in extreme temperatures, the risk is much higher for a heat stroke and even kidney failure. In cities along the coast, humidity is exponentially greater than that of surrounding states. This poses an even greater threat for dehydration and overheating for seniors.

Heat-related illnesses cause nearly 700 deaths in the U.S. Out of that 700, the concentration is primarily individuals above the age of 65. Though this all may seem a bit overwhelming, there are numerous ways to beat the summer heat that are quick and easy!

Tips & Activities that can help seniors maintain and improve their physical health:

“Home Instead Senior Care advised my Papa and Nana to take their walks together early in the morning for sunrise, and save their gardening for the late afternoon to avoid the heat. Nana can’t stand the scorching temperatures in the middle of the day during the summer!”

-Grandson Elijah from Tampa, Florida.